Diecutters Year Description Delivery
ASAHI Cartonmaster AP 1600 1999 1+1, 1600x1100, 5'000s/h with Roda prefeeder immedia
BOBST Evoline 102 E 2003 2+1, 720x1020, 7'500 s/h, stripper immedia
BOBST SPO 1600 1990 1+1, 1600x1100, 6'000 s/h, centerline II, easybreak immedia

Folding carton gluers Year Description Delivery
BOBST Domino 110 M II 1993 straightline + lockbottom and 4 corner, HHS gluing system immedia
BOBST Domino 110 M II 1996 straightline + lockbottom and 4+6 corner, HHS gluing system upon req
BOBST Domino 165 II A-3 Matic 2000 straightline + lockbottom and 4+6 corner, HHS Xtend system immedia
JAGENBERG Diana 105-2 1986 straightline + lockbottom, HHS gluing system immedia
JAGENBERG Diana 90-2 1992 straightline only, HHS gluing system immedia

Miscellaneous Year Description Delivery
BOBST SP 76 BM 2015 Honeycomb chase immedia
LAMINA 1620 SA 2003 1600x2000, semi autom. Laminator immedia

If you are interested in one of the above machines or if you are looking for a specific machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.